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This is the supporting wiki for the book Machine Learning Engineering by Andriy Burkov.

“If you intend to use machine learning to solve business problems at scale, I'm delighted you got your hands on this book.”

Cassie Kozyrkov, Chief Decision Scientist at Google

“Foundational work about the reality of building machine learning models in production. Comes at the right time when companies start to see through the AI hype, realizing it takes a conscious engineering effort and best practices to make machine learning work. Another great book from Andriy!”

Karolis Urbonas, Head of Machine Learning and Science at Amazon

Just like my previous bestselling The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book, this book is distributed on the “read-first, buy-later” principle. I strongly believe that paying for the content before consuming it is buying a pig in a poke. You can see and try a car in a dealership before you buy it. You can try on a shirt or a dress in a department store. You have to be able to read a book before paying for it.

The read-first, buy-later principle implies that you can freely download the book, read it, and share it with your friends and colleagues. Only if you liked the book or found it useful, then buy it.

The book is available for purchase as a PDF, Kindle, paperback, and hardcover.


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